Week 12B: Research on Other Social Media

Below are some of my research that I've gathered about podcasts and LinkedIn groups. Groups/Content on LinkedIn for Graphic Design:Designers Talk: Graphic, web, digital design and creative professionals group;This group is a creative space for design ideas and news in the industry. It welcomes all types of designers from web development to freelance.The 8 Biggest Graphic Design Trends That Will Dominate 2019 [Infographic]Researching content like current trends is very helpful for someone starting out in the graphic design industry. It helps graphic designers know what to focus on their creative space. The same goes for web developers. Currently, the design of websites with the current trends is competitive and consistently always changing.Podcast for Schools:University Affairs listed some university podcasts that took the scholarly works into powerful digital audio streams from real students sharing their experiences. Sources:…

Week 12: Using Other Social Media

For MiraCosta College, I would implement streaming content like a podcast. As for my graphic design business, I would implement a LinkedIn profile. My personal LinkedIn fits the purpose for my graphic design business. Besides, MiraCosta is also on LinkedIn with a profile focusing on employment. I think streaming content like a podcast would benefit MiraCosta. The podcast can be used as an outlet for students. MiraCosta has a variety of students that can be a guest on the show to reflect their experience as a Spartan. This podcast can double as a marketing tool for prospective students as well. If MiraCosta College curates content based on admission dates, a podcast focusing on new students will help with enrollment rates, especially during the years when the rates are low.

Week 11: Email Marketing

Newsletters are sent on a regular basis. I think it is almost on a daily basis I get emails newsletters. My promotion tab in my Gmail account is usually packed with all the newsletter and email promotions with the business that I like. Based on what I see in my inbox, the information that MiraCosta or my own business could use to generate interest content for followers are as follows:

Arts & Events Section - how many students are interested in attending various arts and events at MiraCosta? For my business as a graphic designer, I could mention local events about graphic designMiraCosta Spotlight on students/ Graphic Designer of the month - This information will be produced on a monthly basis. I think MiraCosta should include a great feature story of a current student, alumnus, and faculty. For my business, I personally would select a cool graphic designer with a concentration on a particular visual medium. Highlighting a graphic designer each month will try in with the theme of th…

Week 10: Having a "Blog" to "Blog"

The "Prologue" to a Blog:Adding a human interest to a blog post can appeal to peoples emotions because the pathos of human is so intense. It is how we can relate to each other. I think adding a personal touch can work for many types of blogging or vlogging. Many of my friends on Facebook are life coaches or health coaches. They link a blog post on Facebook about how staying healthy can be a challenging thing. Recognizing and acknowledging that we are human is difficult to admit. Once you realize that you have a flaw, you are vulnerable, but being vulnerable allows people to sympathize with you. The opposite can be said if you are blogging on a company's website or social media accounts. Having fun and flare with the content of a blog can elevate the reader's experience, while still maintaining professionalism.

Week 9: Twitter (Alternative Assignment)

Other Twitter Accounts
The accounts that are similar to the MiraCosta College's Twitter page are the other local community college in San Diego. The four that I selected are Mesa College, Grossmont College, Palomar College, and Cuyamaca College. While all four colleges tweak some their post from Facebook to match the requirements for Twitter posting, only Cuyamaca college doesn't add anything dynamic like a photo. MiraCosta College has been tweeting back and forth to the President of the college, which shows dimension and demonstrates conversation. 

Cover PhotoSan Diego Mesa College: I love their cover page. It is a high-quality photo showing a diverse group of students. 
Grossmont College: They have a decent photo showing their campus. It doesn't tell a story of their student life.
Palomar College: This college shows a "P" on a hillside. It doesn't relate back to students. Maybe if you attend Palomar, you would know why, but it can be potentially confusing for o…

Week 8B

Higher Education Institutions need visual support for their social media outlets. Take a look at The Stars of College Social Media, this site ranks how well universities use social media to engage alumni, prospective students, current students, and alumni. The top-ranked was Harvard University. Aside from its Ivy League prestige, Harvard University's social media outlets have over 5 million followers. Also its Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter"reflect the expansive interests of current students, alumni, and faculty, showcasing the achievements of Nobel laureate professors and the aspirations of recent graduates." So what can be gained by this social media savvy Ivy League school? I think the biggest takeaway is the genuine content and conversations that the school highlights. Let's be real, not all of us are not going to Harvard University, but we can generate great content from current students at MiraCosta to inspire prospective students to join in on the conversati…

Week 8: Let's Get Visual

MiraCosta College currently uses Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and SnapChat. It has 12,500 followers on Facebook, 2438 followers on Instagram, 3125 followers on Twitter, and 316 followers on YouTube. Considering this is the leading social media accounts for MiraCosta, there must be a balanced representation of what MiraCosta has to offer and how to strategically promote events, classes, and information. To maintain consistency, MiraCosta almost always includes #miracostacollege for its main hashtag. 
As far as connecting with businesses, MiraCosta could connect more with local non-profits and local businesses in the San Elijo, Oceanside, and Carlsbad areas. We are currently vamping the YouTube Channel content due to its influence among viewers. Mesa College, a local community college, has a robust YouTube presence, so in order for MiraCosta to stay current on trends, it needs to add more content to YouTube.