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Week 16: Planning Your Future Strategy

Reflecting & Looking ForwardI enjoyed curating the content on my Facebook pages. At first, I was hesitant in creating a Facebook page for myself as a graphic designer because I haven't done work outside of school, but I through my job in MiraCosta College I can use my designs to curate content for my graphic design page. This class also provided many resources to be more engaging with other Facebook pages that I am also in charge of, like my Toastmasters' Facebook page. 
All in all, I think I will use Facebook and Instagram first to integrate with my businesses. Facebook is a powerful tool to generate content and interact with followers. Instagram will be used to generate on the spot content, and you can easily track a hashtag if I have a campaign I want to see analyzed.  Once, I have a handled on those platforms, I will integrate Twitter and YouTube in the second phase of my social media strategy. I want to establish and research who will be the biggest influencers in grap…


Below are my insights for MiraCosta College and my graphic design facebook page. By comparing the both of them, I find it interesting that no matter how established a page is, insights take into consideration how the page is doing based on previous weeks. 
Although MiraCosta College likes to have great engagement with its followers, many departments request post coming from MiraCosta, so sometimes that doesn't gather the perfect amount of engagement MiraCosta needs to maintain or increase its insights numbers. I think there's a great opportunity with my Graphic Design Facebook page and even the Toastmasters page because it will be aimed towards a specific target market.

Week 15: Optimising Yourself and the Company

It's in the DataAfter reading the lecture and researching examples of business that use Google Analytics, I think monitoring campaigns is vital. In Google Analytics, this campaigns can be found “Acquisition” →“All Traffic” → “Channels.”. With this types of reports, it indicates which campaigns bring in the most visits. For example, campaigns can be organic search and referrals. If these two campaigns bring in the most visits, I have to nourish that campaign to continue to be successful, so for organic searches being SEO friendly is a plus. As for referrals, it is likely that these users entering from there are possibly involved with me so I would like to personally thank that user, which would mean more involved research for that person and brings me to my next point. 
Furthermore, I also think it is essential to know where are converting users coming from, precisely. To find this information, navigate to “Acquisition” → "All Traffic” → “Source/Medium.” If one area is interest…

Week 14: Developing Online Advertising

Thoughts on Social Media AdvertisingI think developing an ad is a more thought out process. I never had to advertise on social media before, but it is important to know your audience well and be in tune with their interests. The screenshots below are for my graphic design and my Toastmaster page. I also took a screenshots of the most recent ad on the MiraCosta Page. It is was a good example to base on for advertising on social media. I think it targeted within reason. 
My goal for my graphic design advertisement was to gain more engagement towards my page, and for the Toastmasters group, I want to seek more leads for the club The interest and age were important factors to create my advertisement.

Week 13B: Develop an understanding of the different FaceBook ad options.

Some of the tips and trick to make the best use of Facebook Ads: Targeted Location and other demographics like interest, behaviors, and connection help with the effective use of the ad.If you are graphic design savvy, create thought-out templates for Facebook Banner Ads. Knowing where your profile picture and call to action buttons block parts of the cover page will help in designing a strategic cover page for a current campaign.Be mindful of the different types of Facebook Ads. For example, MiraCosta College promotes the college's theatre season year-round. They strategically use video as the medium of the ad and pin it to the top of the post. This is ideal for this type of advertisement because of the unique timeline for this post. The shows changes as the season/school year proceeds.